Some experts recognize the importance of holistic medicine (or alternative) which takes into account an individual’s psychological and physiological state, social and environmental conditions in order to reveal the causes (most often hidden) of the illness.

The term holistic includes all those techniques which treat both body and mind and not only that part of the body in which the ailment appears; holistic medicine highlights the need to personally take care of one’s well-being by not concentrating exclusively on the physical body but on an individual in its entirety as a union between spirit, mind and body. This is the basis of alternative medicine. The term “olismo” comes from the Greek word meaning “totality”. Holistic medicine looks at an individual in its entirety and does not limit its observations on mere physical symptoms of the patient but considers the emotional and spiritual aspects.

Natural medicine is based on the totality of body and mind while conventional medicine (and Western) tends to concentrate specifically on organic illnesses and leaving other experts to cure further ailments. Alternative medicine takes advantage of a method that effectively affects both body and mind.